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nobody on that jury was gointo find that young girl guilty with circumstantial evidence is what it boiled down to. had it not been a death penalty case, different outcome. they could have gone with aggravated manslaughter. >> that was an option and assault. another one from twitter that says the jury took the meaning of reasonable doubt seriously. legal teams were competent. it is hard to sentence somebody to doubt if in doubt. they did have the option of not giving her the capital murder charge. >> that wraps is up for us. that means "cnn newsroom" starts right now. good morning, kyra. >> good morning, guys. the verdict in but lots of questions about casey anthony's future. she could go free at tomorrow's sentencing hearing on the charges of lying to police. search and rescue teams still skcouring the waters. a charter fishing boat sank in
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bad weather three days ago. mark zuckerberg says facebook will launch something option. maybe skype video chat service? we will see. ♪ casey anthony is officially not guilty of her daughter's death but public opinion, of course, is another thing. a lot of people are outraged at the thought of her going free to continue her belavita. david mattingly is joining us from live from orlando, florida. what is next for casey anthony, david? >> reporter: on thursday, kyra, casey anthony goes back into court. she is going to be in frnt of the judge again ton sentenced for the four misdemeanor charges of lying to investigators in this case. each of those counts carries a maximum of one year in jail. now, she's already served three while she was awaiting trial. it's possible the judge could give her a sentence that would rely on time served and she could go free.
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so that's one of the possibilities we're looking at tomorrow. looking outside the courthouse today, all of those crowds that we got so used to looking at here, they are gone today. people going back home, going back on with their lives after getting so close and so many people getting so emotionally invested in this trial. now that the verdict is out, there are no crowds here at the courthouse. last night, we saw sheriff's deputies in the neighborhood where casey anthony's parents live. people there were concerned there would be too many onlookers and too many people coming by for sightseeing in the neighborhood so the sheriff said they would have deputies there for make sure that the residents there were protected and they could get back on with their lives. but, at the moment, everybody wondering what is going to happen next with casey anthony. she will be before that judge on thursday. kyra? >> david mattingly, thanks. live from orlando. casey anthony's courtroom drama is over but some legal
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experts wonder if her mom will face any repercussions had he ever her testimony. prosecutor jeff ashton addressed that question on the "tooedday" show. you are leaving your post but do you think legal action against sinty anthony for perjurying herself on the witness stand? >> i think there could be. you know, that will be a decision made by another branch of our office. >> would you pursue the case if you were staying in office? >> i don't -- i honestly don't know. that will be a very, very difficult decision to make. >> all right. prosecutor jeff ashton kind of wiggled out of that one, didn't he? at issue here is cindy anthony's testimony she is the one who did the internet searches for chloroform. the prosecution showed work orders that seemed to preclude that. here with me is a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney holly hughs. what do you think? could cindy anthony be
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prosecuted for perjury? >> technical speaking, under the law, yes. i think they have enough proof to show it's a specific intent crime. for our viewers, what that means you have to prove to your jury or your judge she willfully did this. she meant to lie and i think they have enough evidence to prove it. from a personal human standpoint, i don't think we're going to see it happen. remember, no matter what we think of cindy anthony, she is a victim here. she is a grieving grandmother and, kyra, you watch that testimony, just like i did, sobbing, heaving, racked with grief. so we know that she truly truly loved that little girl and misses her. and, at this point, all she was trying to do is save her daughter's life and it worked. i think any prosecution will look like sour grapes so i don't think we will see it happen. >> what about prosecution for other family members or other players? >> no. it's a done deal. if you want to get anybody for perjury it's specific intent.
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how can you prove that george lied about anything? anything iffy, i think he lied about the affair and how do you prove that? if there was videotape, believe me, we would have seen it when cris tall holloway was on the stand. a double jeopardy clause of our u.s. constitution says state gets one bite at the apple. if it's not successful, you cannot go after her again. >> got it. holly hughes thanks. president obama says he wants to destigmatize the mental health cost at war and now a long held white house policy of not sending condolence letters to families of our service who die by suicide. let's talk about this change with chris lawrence. >> reporter: this is a fairly big change. even though, graptnted, only affect a small number of troops who commit suicide. still, ongoing fight in the military and outside the military among families to sort
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of destigmatize suicide. i think if you listen to the president's statement, that is exactly what this was designed to do. , to sort of, you know, put suicide in a different light. the interesting thing about it was the president had commissioned this review of this policy before making the decision. he said the review was exhaustive, it was tough. which suggests that in some level, there was, you know, some pushback and we look more into that throughout the day to find out exactly maybe where the pushback was and why the folks who didn't want this change, why they felt that way as well. >> as we know, suicide has become a really sad reality within these two wars. chris, thanks. republicans in the nation's first primary state weighing in with their picks with the primary candidates. jim acosta is joining us with a new poll from new hampshire. is mitt romney still the front-runner, jim? >> reporter: he is very much the front-runner, kyra.
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a good sign of that is when you leave the country to go do some fund-raising, mitt romney is going to london today to do fund-raise across the pond. he might as well. if you look at the latest poles from wmur in new hampshire, they are looking at the all-important new hampshire primary and who voters are preferring at this point. romney is way out in front. 35%. look at that. the closest challenger at this point is michele bachmann at 12% who, for a lot of people, didn't think she would do that well in new hampshire. she has bounced up some eight points, according to these polls. rely re look at the bottom half of this poll. i think this is rather striking as well. tim pawlenty, 3%. jon huntsman, who has staked a lot of his campaign on winning new hampshire and had this big rollout with a lot of media coverage, only at 2% at this point. he is right there with herman
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cain and newt gingrich. surprising numbers there and very good numbers for mitt romney. we mentioned in that poll there, tim pawlenty, he also is not doing very well in that poll. he is hoping, obviously, to win iowa where is he staking all of his campaign and brought what is basically a pretty good political young gun on his squad, sarah huckabee sanders, the doubt of mike huckabee, who won the iowa caucuses back in 2008, she has joined his campaign. so you can say that tim pawlenty is looking for some huck luck. and sarah huckabee was a big part of the huckabee campaign and will be a big part of pawlenty's campaign. if pawlenty will do well in iowa, sarah huckabee will be a
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big bet to help him because right now, he needs all of the help he can get. >> jim acosta, thanks. your next political update in an hour. always get all of the political news 24/7 at cnn/ blogs and web sites in china tossing around rumors their former leader may be dead. the president of china, his ten-year run ending in 2003. john mann is here to clear this up. what exactly -- can we figure out this is is true or not? we know about the answer of censorship. >> i don't know if politics is your name. people watching may remember his owlish glasses. we don't know where he is now. he was missing at communist party celebrations on july 1st and people took that as a signal something is wrong and people were blogging about it.
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i guess it started yesterday in china. everybody noticed his name started disappearing. if you work for the word death on the internet in china you would be blocked. his name means river in chinese. if you look up the yantse river was also blocked. the hospital where people think he might have been treated blocked as well. one consistent theme here, the people can't get to any information about him. china treats the health of its leaders like a state secrets. when questions about his health came forward they did what they always do. ha hand-fisted censorship. >> not just china but north korea as well when you hear something about kim jong-il. how did bloggers get around the censorship? this happened after the fact. >> it's not easy. china has the largest police
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internet in the world. what they do is they come up with different things like the word hung is euphemism for die in chinese. they put clothes hanging, empty clothes hanging or when the nobel prize winner, he got an empty chair. event lip the 30,000 people find ways to censor there. make the point, we do not know if the ex-president is alive or well or what. we do know the government of china is trying to stop the chinese from talking about it. facebook has a big announcement later today. mark zuckerberg says it will be something awesome. it looks like something out of a science fiction movie. a huge wall of dust darkens arizona. try and explain. [ mom ] one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free
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checking stories across the country. a state of emergency in seven montana counties after a ruptured exxonmobil pipeline sends thousands of gallons of oil in the yellowstone river. a train is to blame for leaking diesel fuel in the chouteau river in columbus, ohio. cleanup crews shoked up as much fuel as they could. the environmental damage is considered minor at this point. check out this phenomenal sight in nearby mesa, arizona. a massive dust storm.
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the storm delayed flights and cut power. an aide to congresswoman gabrielle gifford, barber returned to work today. he will work part-time as he continues rehab and recovery. facebook has a big announcement toot today and founder mark zuckerberg says it will be something awesome. 500 million use facebook. that is 1 in 13 people on earth. 71% of them are on facebook. young adult women, more than half of them talk to friends online versus face-to-face. r.o. armstrong is joining us kind of face-to-face. our tech guru. >> it might work. >> exactly. the new announcement might change that last number of the amount of people that are speaking online and versus face-to-face. >> absolutely, kyra.
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you know what is very interesting about your stats you just pulled there, especially when it relates to women, one of the things that facebook does not offer for chatting with people is the ability to have video. so many more folks would much rather be able to have a video chat with someone than to be using keyboard and text messages to go back and forth. facebook could announce music service that is talked about and maybe new photo sharing features or even tablet applications. there could be a lot of things. but everyone is speculating and expecting them to announce video. because that is the killer thing on the internet that people want to do. >> but remember iphone tried to get people to embrace video chat with face time, right? that wasn't really a blockbuster. so why would facebook want to do this? >> well, at the time, iphone, great question but iphone did not have 500 million people using the service so that is one thing. >> that is true. >> number two, you also need to
6:17 am
have that device. you have much more accessible and many more people are on facebook and it makes natural sense. the idea they will use skype, something we are all familiar with, already use. microsoft bought it. it will go gang busters if that is the case. >> i want to ask you while you i have you the president is holding a twitter town hall today. with all of the hacking that has taken place lately and all of the scandals we have seen on twitter, if you know what i'm talking about. >> absolutely. >> do you think this is a good idea i.? >> good idea depends on what you're trying to accomplish. i think a good idea for the president any time in america to reach people outside of washington. i do think this gives him a chance to talk to not only younger folks but people outside of the beltway. but i think this may be a better move on a marketing aspect for
6:18 am
2012. twitter only has 2 million followers. barack obama has close to 9 million followers. this could be a way to address the nation through twitter but also build his followers that cou would be a smart move for the campaign for 2012. >> mario, thanks for weighing in. >> thanks for having me. will and kate's charming canada tour. a video diary of their seventh day coming up next. with precise pain relieving cream. it blocks pain signals fast for relief precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol.
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shows biz headlines. nicki manaj tweets about
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cousin's murder. she thinks his murder was a case of mistaken identity. "u.s. weekly" magazine reporting that jennifer aniston is having a year long break from work to better focus on her personal life. charlie sheen the next celebrate roast and set to air september 19th. the same night ashton kuchar makes his replacement on "two and a half men." how cool of a band is u2. check this out in their recent gig in nashville. ♪ you say you give me eyes in mindness. a river in time of dryness ♪ >> it's not the edge playing guitar. listen to this. bono brought a fan who happens to be blind up on the stage to play "you will i want is you."
6:22 am
far more exhilarating than a game of guitar hero, i would say. adam bevel is the guitarist. holding this sign in front of the stage saying he wanted to play a song for his wife. get this. bono even gave him the guitar and helped him off the stadium. that is how cool u2 is. seven days, will and kate have charmed canada and by no means was this a tour of banquets and vips visiting cancer victims and homeless youth and now victims of a wildfire in alberta. max foster hand traveling alongside the royal couple. >> reporter: day six of the north american royal tour. the couple wanted to explore canada's great outdoors. now familiar welcome to the duke and duchess but this time people traveled vast distances across the northern territories. >> it's great to be north of 60.
6:23 am
>> reporter: the couple showed their competitive side again in a shoot-out. this is a local version of street hockey. more practice needed. >> i'm 15 years old and i taented school. >> reporter: after a session of a youth parliament, catherine and william headed further out. this part of the world is so far north, the sun doesn't set at this point of year. william is an honorary ranger. he wanted to learn more about how they camp and survive on patrol in this isolated stunning wilderness. the duchess has an interest in craft and traditional arts. there was plenty of her to take in here. >> max foster is live in calgary. they are so down to earth. local food, tradition sports and totally getting out there in the dirt. >> reporter: yeah. absolutely. william is always interested in finding out about local cultures
6:24 am
so you see a lot of that on these tours. calga calgary, tomorrow is the stampede. a big celebration of western culture. they will go to a rodeo, a chuck wagon racing event and they will be dressing up as a employ and cowgirl! that is their finale in canada and then head your way to l.a. >> they head to l.a. for a weekend visit and i'm sure do a little bit of the hollywood thing. they will visit skid row as well. >> city arts. an organization that the couple really like. william has had this long-standing interest in the youth homelessness. he was taken to a homeless shelter as a boy by princess diana and every since then he supported those sorts of causes. he supports one in uk and it's
6:25 am
linked up in this location in the city arts and they use arts and performances to give young people confidence. this is where catherine's interest all comes in because she is very interested in arts and crafts and how that can unlock people's potential. they will will go down there and have a good around and i think an interesting event for them. >> we will be following it. nasa's shuttle launch, two days left. because the shuttle program is ending doesn't mean down time for astronauts. they are preparing to explore the final frontier in the post-shuttle era. casey anthony owes 12 people her freedom. coming up, we will take a look at this jury of her peers, who they are, and why they were chosen. ive dry, damaged hair a whole new life! with aveeno nourish plus moisturize. active naturals wheat formulas target and help repair damage in just 3 washes. for softer, stronger... ... hair with life. [ female announcer ] nourish plus. only from aveeno. for softer, stronger... ... hair with life. we inspect your air filter, cabin filter.
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checking stories across the country. president obama invited bipartisanship leaders to the white house tomorrow to talk about the federal debt sooeceil. torns for dominique strauss-kahn plan to meet prosecutors in new york today looking for a way to salvage the sexual assault case due to the acusser's credibility issues. jury selection this hour in the roger clemens perjury trial. he is accused of buying to congress about the use of hormone enhancing drugs. it took 33 days and more than a hundred witnesses for the jury in the casey anthony case to decide the young florida mom was not guilty of murdering her daughter. tom foreman takes a look at the key testimony and pivotal evidence that led to that verdict. >> reporter: the jury took less than 11 hours to hand down a
6:29 am
verdict, but sat through 35 long days of arguments, al bibis and shock i shocking evidence. >> shortly after, george started to yell at her. look what you have done! your mother will never forgive you. this child at 8 years old learned to lie immediately. she could be 13 years old, have her father [ bleep ] her mouth and then go to school and play with the other kids as if nothing ever happened. >> reporter: and from the prosecution? >> casey anthony went to -- with her boyfriend tony lazarro and entered or participated in a hot body contest. caylee anthony wasn't there. caylee anthony wasn't at tony's. caylee anthony wasn't with her grandmother cindy, so where is caylee. >> reporter: at the start, it looked like the prosecution had a clear edge. the jury saw pictures of casey
6:30 am
out partying, getting a tattoo, enjoying the wildlife even as her daughter went missing. the state said this was evidence enough that the young woman did not want to be a mother any more and planned her child's murder on a home computer. john bradley is a software expert. >> is that a google search? >> yes, it is. >> for? >> the words neck breaking with a space in between, head, underscore injury. ruptured spleen, chest trauma. hand-to-hand combat. the search term of internal bleeding. >> how many times was that site visited? >> according to the history, 84 times. >> reporter: central to the state's case was the theory that casey used duct tape and chloroform to kill caylee. the defense struggled to explain her often contradictory stories to investigators and friends but then came a bombshell from casey's mother cindy anthony.
6:31 am
>> do you recall in march of 2008, you doing any types of searches for any items that might include chloroform? >> yes. >> reporter: suddenly, the prosecution was scrambling, forced to prove that cindy was at work when those computer searches were done from the anthony home. >> when you first opened it, what was your reaction? >> i essentially jumped back a foot or two! >> did you immediately recognize the odor that was emanating from the piece of carpet in the can? >> i would recognize it as human deposition. >> reporter: but casey refused to at that time stand herself. >> and it is your decision not to testify? >> yes. >> reporter: letting her lawyers portray her as a victim, too. picking away at the prosecution''s story. >> can you rule out accidental death? >> no. >> reporter: they called casey's father george anthony the culprit behind an accidental drowning death in the family's swimming pool, who then forced
6:32 am
his daughter into a cover-up. they accused him of sexually abusing casey as a child. he denied it. >> sir, i never would do anything like that to my daughter. >> reporter: the defense also claimed casey's only brother lee tried to grope her. her mother slapped that accusation down. >> do you recall several years back when there were -- there was an incident involving your son lee going into casey's room at night? >> no. >> reporter: but most of all, casey's defense team pounded away on the fact that precisely when and how caylee died remains unclear to this day. >> you have to have an abiding conviction of guilt! that's what you have to have inside of you! you have to know that this case was proven. >> reporter: and in the end, it was enough. the once seemingly sure case for the prosecution crumbled and so did the murder charges against
6:33 am
casey anthony. tom foreman, cnn. >> well, at least one of the jurors is shocked at the huge public outcry over this verdict. in fact, this alternate says the -- they only saw evidence that casey anthony was a good mother. >> first of all, when the prosecution did not prove their case, the big question that was not answered, now how did caylee die, i think there was probably a lot of discussion that was probably horrific accident that -- and casey covered up and, unfortunately, did -- got away from them. >> jurors say they can be impartial and are sworn to do that, but let's face it, we all have our own preexisting beliefs and biases. the 12 jurors who let casey anthony off the hook aren't speaking to the media at this particular time but we know a little about them anyway. let's talk about that with dr.
6:34 am
phillip anthony to get inside of their heads and the heads of the attorneys who chose them. dr. anthony i bets make the point in no way, shape, or form you are related to the anthony family, correct? >> thank you, kyra. that's correct. i'm not related. >> just for the record. this turned into, obviously, an international headline grabbing story and casey anthony became i am imfamiliarus. could that impact a juror in any way, shape, or form? >> it certainly could impact a juror, kyra, but i don't think in this instance it did. i think was this a group of people who were willing to be fair, impartial, unbiased and make a reasonable decision. >> our nancy grace came forward yesterday and said casey anthony's fate hinged on the jury selection. do you agree? >> jury selection is always important in a case. however, i think the court was thorough in this instance and what really made the difference was the fact that the prosecution didn't put forward
6:35 am
enough direct proof of casey being the murderer as is expected by the jury. i think as one juror even said, the circumstantial evidence was not enough for them to convict casey of first-degree murder. >> we have talked a lot about that. let me get into the heads of the jurors, if we can try to do so, just because of your background and your job as a consultant to the jury or to juries. five of the jurors either committed a crime or had a family member that committed a crime. do you think that played into this decision? >> i certainly think it's possible that people's own backgrounds and experiences played a role in this case. for example, clearly one of the defense team's primary themes was that casey had been molested as a child. and i think there could have been jurors who either had familiarity with molestation or knew people who had been
6:36 am
molested, and so when they come to the jury room, they are able to say things like, yes, you know, i was involved in a crime at one point. i know what it feels like ton intimidated, to be threatened and that is what happened to casey and why she didn't step forward more to the authorities and explain her position early on. >> two jurors are a cop in the family. dr. phillip anthony, thanks for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. preparing to explore space after the shuttle program ends. cnn takes you behind the wheel of a space rover and underwater for astronauts as they prepare for nasa's next chapter. three cities vying to host the olympics. we find out who makes the grade.
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some people do just about anything to find out the scoop on our hollywood celebs. actor hugh grant says he is the latest victim of that saying he has been hacked by british journalist and claims to have met the guy who did it. cnn's richard quest just finished interviewing grant. richard, what is the deal? >> reporter: well, hugh grant has been one of those hollywood
6:40 am
celebrities who has come out and been forceful in the criticism and allegations concerning the news of the world, the british paper at the center of discussing phone hacking scandal in britain. grant says some years ago he was hacked as a hollywood celebrity. he then went out and hacked the hacker and learned all sorts of investigations about just how bad things are. british tabloid newspapers. when i meant grant this afternoon, hugh grant was very clear that he said he had no confidence in the newspaper a's investigation and little confidence in police and what is a full inquire in britain. >> what we need is a big public inquiry into all of the methods and the culture of tabloid press in this country. that's one thing. and people can vote very much with their wallets. they don't have to buy these praps, especially the news of the world. advertisers have to look themselves hard in the mirror
6:41 am
and say do we want to advertise in papers like "news of the world." >> reporter: what is interesting hugh grant admits to his own arrest. he says, look. he may not be the best person to be putting forward these arguments and he is fully expecting, kyra, the tabloids to turn their force and attention on them but he says somebody has to speak up and he has now become the unlikely spokesman. >> interesting. richard, now is this part of the largest hacking scandal, though, we have been talking so much about that is unfolding in the uk? does it fit into that? >> reporter: absolutely. because what he is saying is that the way the papers have been behaving, really requires this judicial inquiry. as you and are a talking, the british house of commons is debating the hacking scandal. until now, to put this into perspective, until the last 48 hours, this was a scandal in
6:42 am
which celebrities and maybe some politicians had their phones hacked. but now we know it was a murdered young schoolgirl, her e-mail hacked and others had their phones hacked and parents of murdered children had allegedly their phones hacked. what we have is a rogue newspaper that is hacking mobile phones on an industrial scale. now everybody is waiting to see what the british government is going to do about it. >> keep us updated on what is happening there in the house of couple of months, richard. thanks so much. >> thank you. they are crossing their fingers in france and north korea and gaeermany. they are awaiting if their city will be able to host the 2013 games. jim and paula are in the cities. paula, you are in pyeongchang.
6:43 am
>> it's singing and dancing here in south korea. several thousand people here at the foot of one of the biggest steeples in and everybody is very excited and hopeful that it will be third time lucky. this issed third skek tif time they have gone for the olympic winter olympics and everybody is hopeful they will finally get it. the president is front and center in trying to push this bid. he says the pluses is that it's only ever been in one asian country before that went to the winter olympics that is in japan. he is saying you have a huge new following for winter sports. he is saying the city itself, you only have to travel up to half an hour to get to different venues. that su that is always a bonus when it comes to these kind of events.
6:44 am
they are already building venues and six to go. they are hoping there will be a sense of fair play and confident voting. >> i'm mooj thu chanmatthew cha munich. you can see hundreds of people have turned out into this central square in munich to look at the big flat screens behind me to see what the decision finally is. the organizers say this is going to be a festival of friendship if they get the games. what i think that means there will be lots of fan zones and kind of ways to try to bring the fans into the process, into the winter games, should they come here. that is something the bid hopefuls say is a big positive. they also say they are trying to emphasize the environmental credentials of the 2018 bid. many of the buildings necessary to stage an event like the winter games have already been constructed. in fact, used when munich last
6:45 am
stage olympic games in 1972. they would have to be renovated and rejuicing the environmental footprint on the area, kyra. >> reporter: i'm jim bittermann in paris. down in annecy in france, the heart of the alps they are waiting to see how the bidding goes this afternoon as well. the fact is they are not all that confident. if if were olympics held in france the fourth time there has been a winter olympics in france. for that reason, for a number of other reasons, they are not really hopeful but, nonetheless, they have a bid in and hoping as an underdog they can pull it off. they are saying they have a very impact with just two venues and being environmentally friendly like the germans are and want to go back to the ideal of the olympics. they have 91% of the french like to see them win this olympic bid
6:46 am
and see how it comes out this afternoon. kyra? >> guys, we are going to be watching. the announcement is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. stay with cnn and we will bring it to you live. let's say you need home and auto insurance. you give us your information once, online... [ whirring and beeping ] [ ding! ] and we give you a discount on both. sort of like two in one. how did you guys think of that? it just came to us. what? bundling and saving made easy. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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go back to the ideal of the stay with cnn and we will bring
6:48 am
♪ space shuttle "atlantis" is set to lift off friday morning at 11:26 eastern time' puts us
6:49 am
over two days from the start of the historic and final shuttle mission. john zarrella is live at kennedy space center. we are now getting concerns about the weather and it could be scrubbed. what do you think? >> reporter: yeah, you know, yesterday, the probability that they would have good weather was at 40%. and you wanted to see that today increase. but it went the wrong way. now it's down to only a 30% chance of good weather on friday in the morning. but you know what? they have launched before with 30% chance and, all of a sudden, you get a break in the weather and it's fine. so i'm sure that nasa will very likely go ahead and proceed with the countdown. unless they get to a point where they say, you know what? forget it. they may well go ahead and fuel the giant external tank and go ahead with the countdown and just try to -- try to get the launch off the ground. >> when it does finally happen, you know, we have been talking so much about what happens next for nasa.
6:50 am
you know, will it fall behind when it comes to the space race? >> reporter: yeah. yeah. that, kyra, is a really, really interesting question, because nasa says, look. we are going to build a heavy-lift rocket and we are going to go to an an asteroid o to mars, maybe back to the moon. the problem is, they haven't got the rocket yet. they are working on the capsule, the crew sap sul. is there going to be a national will? a lot of experts said you know what, it's really expensive when talking that kind of mission. will there be the money? will there be the national will? nasa may build it, but never have the money to fly it anywhere. then you may get other countries that pass the united states by and do these things that the u.s. has always done. maybe china goes to an asteroid or back to the moon or on to
6:51 am
mars before the united states does it. those are real concerns. >> let's not forget the richard branson's of the world and what they are doing and how that could contribute to what we are able to do space wise. >> yeah. right. exactly. the only real thing about that is they are talking lower orbit, the same place the shuttle went. they are not talking going to mars or asteroids. it's china that is really, really moving in that direction. one person told me, it might be a good thing if the chinese beat us to an asteroid or mars or moon because then the united states, will suddenly be inspired to go back and do things. >> we don't want that competition. we want to be number one. stay with us for live coverage starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern as the space shuttle takes off for the very last time.
6:52 am
it's actually a connecting rod coming out to the side of the block this is a big piece of the engine block that was blown off. it's not because they ran it out of oil. they didn't change the oil. as your engine produces different particulants, you want to pick that up and take it down to the oil pan to the oil filter. so the moral of the story is, if you don't want to see your engine in a commercial with me and jim, make sure you get the works done. the works. oil change, tire rotation, $29.95 or less after rebate. only at your ford dealer. this good. this not you can do this... get the ball, girl.
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6:54 am
let's look ahead at stories making headlines today at 11:00 a.m. eastern. the olympic committee will pick a city for the winter games. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is launching something, quote,
6:55 am
awesome today. expect that at 1:00 eastern. they will unveil a video chat feature powered by skype. president obama will hold a twitter town hall answering questions about the economy and jobs. let's check in with david. david. >> casey anthony might be a free woman tomorrow. i'll tell you how that might happen at the top of the hour. >> ia haboob. look at the amazing dust that kicked up across parts of arizona. what it is and what it could mean to the wildfires burning. that's coming up in the next hour. >> i'm ed. tens of thousands of parents who send their children to atlantic public schools stunned by cheating and fraud in the district. more details on that coming up.
6:56 am
>> thanks. also ahead, michael jordan's old high school sweetheart. why? someone stole a love letter he wrote her some 30 years ago. he put a price on it and sold it to the highest bidder.
6:57 am
6:58 am
okay. i got my theories why tiger woods is going to miss the british open. >> you are not one to hold back when the topic is tiger woods. sg all we know is he will not be playing, right? >> yeah. >> he says he's not healthy enough to play in the british open, aka, the open championship. his left leg still isn't right. he's disappointed but only wants to compete when he's 100%. he believes his best years of golf are ahead of him.
6:59 am
keira is shaking her head. albert pujols is not your average baseball player. 15-day disabled list. the cardinal who takes his list on the dl will be gone 15 days for sneezing. reminds me of this guy chris brown. he was hurt because of a strained eyelid. he stayed on the bench. tony la russa says he would have used him if he needed to, but he didn't need to. matt holiday, two home runs. a lamborghini is fast, but sometimes a squirrel is fast enough to beat them. it avoids being road kill. this was at the ultimate lamborghini experience.
7:00 am
he may have lost a bit of his tail but that's about it. unbelievable he survived that. >> thanks, jeff. checking the top stories now. the vekt is in but still lots of questions about casey anthony's future. she could go free on the charges of lying to police. search and rescue teams scouring the water looking for missing americans. the charter fishing boat sank. mark zuckerberg says facebook will launch something awesome today. perhaps skype video service or chat. casey anthony is officially not guilty of her daughter's death. public opinion is another thing. people are outraged at the thought of her going free to continue her bella vita. david is joining us from orlando, florida. let's discuss cho is next for
7:01 am
her. >> it happens tomorrow. she is back in court to hear the sentence he hasnnds down for th four counts where she lied to investigators in the search for the case. what will happen is each of the misdemeanors carries a maximum of one year. the judge may have the option of sentencing her to four straight years to one year of the sentences running concurrent or he could go with time served. she's been in jail for three years awaiting trial and while this trial was going on. it's possible that casey anthony could walk out of the courtroom tomorrow a free woman. keira. >> all right, david, live from orlando, florida. we will follow the next moves with you. meanwhile, casey anthony could walk out of the courthouse a
7:02 am
free woman, then what? former prosecutor holly hughes is back with us. there's talk casey anthony and her family could make millions of dollars off this, a book deal, a movie deal. are there any restrictions on them with regard to selling the story? >> no, there are not. especially since she was acquitted and found not guilty on these charges. it is free speech, free enterprise and commerce. there is nothing that prohibits her from making money. she doesn't have a lot of skills. she didn't hold down a job prior to being incarcerated. what is she good at? telling stories. she's famous for lying. she's convicted of lying. >> what if she gets the book or movie deal and all of a sudden says i did it? doesn't matter? she still walks free? >> it's a done deal. the prosecution is over.
7:03 am
there's one bite at the apple. it didn't happen. there's no conviction. she cannot be retried on anything having to do with the crime. >> think of o.j. simpson "if i did kill her, this is how i would have done it." >> exactly. she could stand on the courthouse steps and say i beat her and strangled her. it doesn't matter. she's had her day in court. the jury has spoken. no matter what we think, it's a done deal. >> thanks. lawyers for dominique strauss-kahn meets with reporters today. he couldn't get the door to his apartment open. lawyers of the maid are accusing him of sexual assault. they want him to hand over a copy of a recorded conversation where they tell cnn there's money to be made. susan joining me live from new york. let's start with the meeting today. could the charges be dropped?
7:04 am
>> anything is possible, keira. as a matter of fact he just learned the meeting is under way. certainly most legal experts agree that the defense has the upper hand here. after all, all the sides in this know there are strong credibility issues with the alleged victim in this case. on the other hand, everyone also knows there's very strong forensic evidence that some kind of sexual encounter happened in that room. believe me, i would like to be a fly on the wall. >> there's also the suit that the accuser is filing against the new york post. tell us about that. >> the challenge there is that the attorney representing the maid in this case is suing the new york post for liable following a series of reports in which the new york post quoting unnamed sources called the maid a prostitute.
7:05 am
now, the attorney representing the maid says that that's absolutely false, the paper knew it was false and published the information anyway. it's why they are suing for liable. the new york post says through a representative, they stand by their reporting. the question is, of course, what will come of this. now, a source that has knowledge of the investigation has told cnn that at this time, there is no evidence that the maid is a prostitute. keira. >> all right susan, we'll follow it. thanks. blogs and websites tossing around rumors their former leader may be dead. his ten-year run ended in 2003. jonathan is here to clear up what we are hearing. they said he is possibly dead, then it changed. >> what would it be like to keep a secret from $1 billion in the
7:06 am
most intense internet community. it's what the chinese authorities are trying to do now. he was president for about a decade. people here may recall him because of the glasses he wore and he would show up to toast at the white house once in awhile. he hasn't been seen in months. he missed the 90th anniversary of the communist party on july 1. they are blogging it, but they are getting sensors. his name is disappearing from the web. his name means river in chinese, so rivers are disappearing from the web. names of the hospital where he was treated disappearing. they are replaced with a statement saying the site is blocked. somebody is doing it. somebody is saying it's official. it thooz do with him. >> bloggers create their own
7:07 am
language to try to communicate the news because they are sensors. >> that's what's so funny about this. they can refer to euphemisms, dead is blocked, so they use hung. then hung gets blocked. pictures of empty clothes hanging on a hanger. it gets blocked. it's a game between the most devious and determined internet people. the biggest police force on the planet and it's going on now. cheating scandal. 178 teachers and principals accused of fixing test scores to show their schools were performing well. educators face criminal charges. more on the casey anthony murder trial. how the question of caylee anthony's paternity was used by the defense of getting her mom cleared of murder. [ male announcer ] to the seekers of things which are one of a kind.
7:08 am
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7:10 am
unlike fish oil, megared softgels are small and easy to swallow with no fishy smell or aftertaste. try megared today. let's take a look at stories across country. a state of emergency in seven montana counties after a mobile pipeline sends thousands of gallons of oil into the river. the current is hampering the clean-up effort. a train to blame for leaking diesel fuel in a river. they soaked up as much of the fuel as they could.
7:11 am
environmental damage is considered minor. >> check out this sight near mesa, arizona. a massive dust storm, nearly 60 miles wide blackened the skies of phoenix and beyond. the storm delayed flights, cut power. we'll have more on this later in the hour. in tucson, cheers and applause greeted an aid to gabby gif fords. he's one of 13 people injured along with his boss on january 8th. he's going to work part time as he continues rehab and recovery. when we hear of cheating in schools, we usually think of students, right? an investigation of the atlanta school system uncovered widespread cheating with principals and teachers. >> two years ago, beverly hall was named the country's top superintendent.
7:12 am
she was credited for turning the atlanta system into a model of urban school reform and accomplishing significant gains in student achievement. georgia's governor says the state's just completed investigation into the atlanta school district testing found widespread fraud dating back almost ten years. >> testing, results and targets reached became more important than learning on the part of children. when reaching targets became the goal, it was a goal that was pursued with no excuses. >> reporter: according to the report, cheating was found in 44 of 56 schools investigated. involving almost 180 principals and teachers. some of the educators could face criminal charges. she stepped down from her job in june. in a farewell video she said they acted on their own.
7:13 am
>> let me be clear, there is simply no excuse for unethical behavior and no room in this district for unethical conduct. >> reporter: some teachers told investigators they felt pressured to cheat on the test and school district officials missed significant and warning signs of test tampering. the interim superintendent says they should not teach in the school district again. >> it angers us all. it's hard to express that anger. >> reporter: across the city of atlanta, parents of school children are dismayed by the findings. >> they clearly did not do their job and abused their power. >> it's a sad time when adults put their interests in front of the children they serve.
7:14 am
>> you wonder if it's going on other places. they get more money for good test scores. >> teacher performance, principal performance, salary tied into how your students perform an standardized tests. a lot of people are asking, does this open up the door for this behavior? >> investigators could be looking at this as well. oh, maybe we should look at this school or check. is it possible? >> very possible. on a day-to-day level, they say are they teaching for these kids to take the test. not really teaching or learning. are you taught just to take a test? this is one step beyond. in this situation, they were going through, from what the report said teachers erasing answers and filling in the correct ones. when they saw the pattern of blooming test scores, at one point it was unbelievable. >> thanks, ed.
7:15 am
>> you got it. straight ahead, more on the casey anthony verdict and how celebrities are reacting to the decision. ♪ my only sunshine ♪ you makes me happy ♪ when skies are grey ♪ you'll never know, dear ♪ how much i love you ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ [ male announcer ] as long as there are babies, they'll be chevy's to bring them home. ♪ with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles, enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief to the site of pain. it's clinically proven to relieve pain twice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin.
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7:17 am
there's no shortage of reaction on the verdict of the casey anthony trial. a.j. hammer is live in new york with a few of them. what caught your eye the most? >> the not guilty verdict was
7:18 am
read when the kardashian sisters took to twitter to convey their amazement. they tweeted throughout the trial with their fascination of this real-life trial. it wasn't that surprising to see what they tweeted. who watched the casey anthony vekt? my heart hurts for that precious baby girl. children are so innocent. kim was at a loss for words other than these? what? casey anthony found not guilty? i am speechless. some point-- a lot of celebs on twitter were making the o.j. connection so many have been making to the casey anthony case. ashton kutcher says o.j. simpson finds this verdict outrageous.
7:19 am
whoa, shocked at the verdict in the casey anthony trial. thought she was guilty for sure. either way, tragic story. >> i think it's safe to say so many jaws were dropping all over the place when the not guilty verdict was dropped yesterday. i'm seeing a lot of people tweeting how upset they are about the case casey anthony would be walking free after the hearing tomorrow. >> not only that, but potentially cash in from the story. you know hollywood. she'll get all kind of deals, movie deals, book deals, right? >> it's inevitable she'll cash in as the dust begins to settle. you got it right. book deals, interviews, movies. i'm sure she will hire a publicist, an agent. there are going to be a lot of offers to sort through. it's difficult to know the kind of income it's going to
7:20 am
generate. she could be paid millions for an interview. a lot of news organizations don't pay specifically for interviews. they do it for a story. that's where the money is made. it's all a guessing game at this point. you know, barbara, katie and oprah will try to go after the interview. i think it will be a while down the road. i see piers getting the first interview. >> thanks. a.j. has it. every night at 11:00 p.m. eastern on hln. one of the many unanswered questions about caylee, who is her father. nobody knows, maybe not even casey. more on that, coming up. [ male announcer ] where'd you get that idea?
7:21 am
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7:23 am
casey anthony trial is over. the jury has spoken. who is caylee anthony's father? here is randi kaye. >> it is the other question in the casey anthony trial, who was her father? to answer the question, it's best to start with who we know it isn't. it's not casey's father george or her brother lee. that didn't stop the defense from suggesting it during one of the most explosive moments of the trial. >> were you asked to conduct a paternity test from lee anthony being the potential father of caylee.
7:24 am
>> jesse isn't the father either. >> i got a paternity test to prove i wasn't her father. a pregnant casey told him the baby was his. when caylee was born seven months after they met, he knew it wasn't true. still, he wanted to be a father to her. >> did you love little caylee like she was your own child? >> a piece of paper couldn't keep me from loving her. >> an old friend said casey didn't know who the father was. casey said it was a random one-night stand. another old friend told detectives casey first said her fiance was the father. after the couple broke up in may, 2006, casey said caylee's real father was a one-night stand named josh.
7:25 am
she gave no last name but said he was from georgia. >> did she tell you how old he was? >> no. >> did she describe him to you? >> nope. she said he was hot. >> she said what happened with josh? >> josh passed away in a car accident after caylee's birthday? >> no 2007. >> this is what she told her mother after revealing her ex-fiance wasn't the father. >> who did you think caylee's father was? >> she gave me the name of eric baker. >> did you ever meet anyone by the name of eric baker? >> no, sir, i have not. >> did casey -- what did casey tell you about this eric baker? >> he was two years younger than her and he was an old friend and she had seen him about the time
7:26 am
she started seeing jesse. he was in town and upset about a girlfriend and i guess they got together. it was one night. eric lived out of state. >> however, cindy said casey talked to her about eric baker and other friends that were fictitious people. eric baker died in a car accident, they don't know if he had a connection to casey. randi kaye, cnn. >> casey anthony's courtroom drama is over. legal experts wonder if her mom will face legal reprecussions. >> do you think anything will
7:27 am
happen pr the perjury on the stand? >> there may be. that would be another branch of our office. >> would you pursue the case? >> i don't know. that would be a very, very difficult decision to make. >> holly hughes is back with us once again. what do you think? she talked about being the one that went on the internet looking up chloroform. her employer said nope, it wasn't her. it was back and forth on who did it. >> i think it's clear cindy lied about this. i do not see anyone pursuing her for perjury charges. the bottom line is, if they do go after her now, it's going to go like sour grapes. the state's attorney, you don't want to be seen as going after the grieving grandmother. if nothing else, no matter what you think about cindy, she is a grieving grandmother. i don't see them going after her
7:28 am
for charges. >> i'm answering this, but i'm not answering this. >> exactly. >> attorneys are good at that, by the way. >> absolutely. it's a skill. >> what if the father of little caylee's father comes out of the wood work, i'm the father, could we see any other civil action? >> it's possible. you know, if somebody came forward and proved through dna they were caylee's father, they could file a wrongful death suit. there's a couple things to consider. number one, you didn't have a relationship with the child so what is your loss. there's a bilogical question so there is a loss. what are you going to get from her? until she signs a book deal, she has nothing. if no one has come forward yet,
7:29 am
i think we are not going to see anybody come forward. it's possible that person doesn't remember they were with her. >> a lot of things we didn't expect in the trial. >> from start to finish. let's face it. the defense brought it and the jury bought it. there you have it. >> thanks. president obama is going to hold the first ever presidential twitter town hall. he'll be asked about the economy, jobs and a number of other things. we'll see what the political buzz panel thinks about this. michael jordan's high school sweetheart says someone stole a letter he wrote her. she's going to join us live. as a manager, my team counts on me to stay focused.
7:30 am
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7:32 am
checking top stories now. president obama invited bipartisan leaders to the white house. attorneys for dominique strauss-kahn plan to meet in new york. they may be looking for ways to salvage the sexual assault case. jury selection begins in the roger clemens perjury trial. he's accused of lying to
7:33 am
congress about the use of performance enhancing drugs. time for political buzz. the hottest political topics of the day. three questions, 20 seconds on the clock. all right, first question. mitt romney still leading the polls with six months to go until the iowa caucuses. which of the other candidates should be the most worried? cornell? >> i like this question because he's the front-runner in the polls. the only poll that matters is the iowa poll. she's at a toss-up with michele bachmann. he should be most concerned about the woman that just got in the race. >> dana? >> i agree with cornell. i think bachmann is the biggest force with which romney has to
7:34 am
reckon. she's trailing him so closely in the iowa polling. i think at this point, right now, i look at it as a race between those two. that's if you are rumored to get involved. rick perry, people are talking act. they are game changers. >> all right, pete. >> well, i think mitt romney has to start worrying about david duke. yesterday, speculation began that the former grand wizard of the ku klux klan. that means they have to move to not lose the hate vote. mitt romney only needs to worry about old mitt romney, 2007 mitt romney. it's his biggest concern. >> pete is insane. mike huckabee's daughter joined tim pawlenty's campaign. is this the beginning of an
7:35 am
endorsement. >> i think -- endorsements don't mean what they once used to. you want them, but they don't carry weight. it gives supporters a pause. his problem is he has to make mitt romney fall. >> dana? >> if robert byrd can change, maybe david duke has a shot. maybe it will be an endorsement. i don't think it's out of the realm of possible. i don't think anything is going to save pawlenty. he's four people behind the front-runner. >> pete, you changed this into a civil rights discussion here. leave it to pete to totally change the course of the conversation. pete, weigh in. >> what was the question, again?
7:36 am
oh, right. mike huckabee's daughter has joined the tim pawlenty campaign because mike huckabee won the 2008 iowa caucuses. his daughter was part of the reason. unless she can inject some of mike huckabee's personality into pawlenty, i don't think pawlenty's got a chance. we'll see. maybe she can perform for him. the president is holding a twitter town hall today. should he limit his responses to 140 characters? dana? >> i don't think that he would need to go over it. he's had jesse lee out defending white house policies for a couple weeks. he may not have to go over 140 characters. >> cornell? >> i think there's an important trend here. 62% of the electorate the first time around were under 30. this is a trend all politicians
7:37 am
are going to get into. the twitter town halls. >> pete? >> if the teleprompter can fit 140 characters for the president to use. that was for dana. seriously, he's got a crowbar in the hashtag. >> david, cornell. >> good job, pete. >> he's got to crowbar trending objects in. >> david duke. >> i was going to say, did you get that? >> thanks guys. sax fifth avenue is named after fifth avenue in new york city. now, they are heading east. far east. allison from the new york stock change. an interesting location for
7:38 am
sachs. >> i think you should think of luxury. sachs fifth avenue is opening next year in kazakhstan. they are going to include chanel, luxury apartment, a five-star hotel in the middle of the biggest city to get all the tourism money. >> is there a market for these high-end stores there? >> actually, there is. if you ask sachs, the population is growing. the country is doing well. low unemployment at 5.5% compared to our 9% rate. it's growing at 7% pace compared to our 2% pace. the gdp is $12,000. it's good. it's comparable to mexico. the reason they are growing so
7:39 am
well is because of the oil and gas industry. keira. >> all right. allison, thanks. years before he was air jordan he was teen jordan taking his high school sweetheart to the prom. we are talking to her next. why? a picture and love letter was sold to the highest bidder. she had no idea who did it. (screams) when an investment lacks discipline, it's never this obvious. introducing investment discipline etfs from russell. visit r a prospectus, containing the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information. read and consider it carefully before investing. with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles, enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief to the site of pain. it's clinically proven to relieve pain twice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin.
7:40 am
it's clinically proven to relieve pain twice as fast. naturals from delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life.
7:41 am
checking stories across the country. james whitey bulger has 2:00 p.m. court appearance. the 82-year-old was caught last month in california after spending 16 years on the run. controversy in california after lawmakers approved a bill.
7:42 am
they require schools to teach the historical accomplishments after gays, lesbians and transgender americans. how cool of a band is u-2? check out this clip from a gig in nashville. ♪ you say you give me diamonds no, it's not the edge playing guitar. bono brought this band on stage to play "all i want is you." more exhilarating than guitar hero. he had been near the front of the stage holding this sign saying he wanted to play a song for his wife. bono saw it and abliged after the encore. he gave adam the guitar and helped him off the stage. that's how cool u-2 is. remember your high school
7:43 am
sweetheart? take a look. do you recognize him? yeah, it's michael jordan rocking the white tux in 1980 before he rocked the chicago bulls uniform. it's a priceless memory. someone put a price on it and sold it without her knowledge. someone apparently stole and sold a love letter, too. a sweet letter jordan wrote her. she is with me now. you say it's been a few years since you and michael talked, right? you want him to know you didn't sell your memories. why is that important to you? >> it's important to me because that's not the kind of relationship we had. a lot of people in michael's life betrayed him or hurt him. i would never want to be a person on that list. when i first found out this was out there, that was my main, my first concern that he would think i sold it. i would never want him to think that i would betray him in that
7:44 am
way. >> apparently, this letter was two pages long. wow, he really confessed his love to you. is there anything you remember from the letter? i know we are going back a lot of years. a certain line he said that will always stay with you? >> just when he was joking with me. that's how he is. he would make a compliment and take it back or just say, you know, he'll always say don't let it go to your head. he was a big jokester. i remember those things. >> how do you think the picture and the letter got stolen and what did you tell authorities and why did they believe you and say okay, we'll take it on? >> i think they believe me because i have other letters. you know, that spoke to my credibility. the timing that it was done. i was told it was sold in december, 2004. all these years later, if i was going to do something like that,
7:45 am
they thought i would do it sooner. they felt if i sold one letter for that amount of money, i would have sold them all to have gotten more. it's why they believed it. >> you know, we have to have a little fun here. are you married? is there a special someone in your life? someone saying i have to compete with michael jackson or michael jordan. what if he comes back in the picture. >> no, i'm not married. god has someone for me. in his time, he'll find me. >> maybe michael's got good friends he could introduce you to. thanks for joining us today. setting the record straight. >> you're welcome. thank you for having me. >> it was a pleasure. the daily dose. the number of people diagnosed with colon cancer, the number of cases slipped by 3.5%. the number of people dying
7:46 am
dropping about 3% a year. it's the result of more people getting screened and losing weight and not smoking. coming up, it's the letter that no parent of any trooper wants to get. a condolence letter from the white house. now the obama administration is lifting a long-standing policy and sending letters to families of service member who died by suicide. we'll talk to one grieving family and ask, is it enough? [ male announcer ] germs in your mouth build up and form a layer called biofilm so strong it survives brushing. thankfully, there's listerine® antiseptic. its triple-action formula penetrates biofilm, kills germs and protects your mouth for hours. fight biofilm with listerine®. kills germs and protects your mouth for hours. we inspect your air filter, cabin filter. there's bugs, leaves, lint, crud. you'll be breathing that.
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if you haven't seen this, take a moment to check it out. talk about shock and awe. a literal wall of dust darkening everything in its path. give us some insight. >> amazing, isn't it? >> how does it happen? >> it's a haboob. everybody is giggling at the name, all day long. i know. it is a serious term. lots of pictures. the video has been amazing. here is another one to show you from mike, a professional
7:50 am
paragrapher. you can see the wall of dust come through. it's up to 10,000 feet. 15 miles wide. it turns visibility down to nothing. the winds were strong. up to 70 miles per hour. a lot of people were without power from the storm as well. now, the one good thing about this, it comes during the monsoon season that starts around the fourth of july. the weather pattern changes, moisture in the mid levels from the gulf of mexico at the same time, moisture from the gulf of california. combine it with heat, we get pop-up showers and thunderstorms and believe it or not, flooding from time-to-time. take a look at these pictures. this is what's been happening in arizona. that's the haboob, again. the monument fire is between 98% and 95% contained.
7:51 am
what a difference a week can make with moisture and rain in there. >> thanks. tiger woods will miss the next major golf tourney. he says he wants to compete when he's 100%. he believes his best golf years are ahead of him. a lamborghini is fast, baa squirrel may be quicker. oh, yeah. check it out, again. what happened to the squirrel that crossed the road? he missed the lamborghini that could have made him flat. it's the ultimate squirrel experience, if you ask us. many crossed fingers in germany and france. oh, yeah, south korea. they are awaiting the international olympic committee's announcement at the top of the hour on the city that
7:52 am
will host the olympic winter games. we are in all the bid cities. paula, let's start with you. >> it's coming up at midnight local time. everyone i have spoke to said they are convinced they will clinch the winter olympics this time around. it's the third time running they have tried to get the winter olympics. twice they have been runner up. they believe it's their turn. president lee put himself in center stage of this. he's stuck his neck out for this bid. a very impassioned speech about why they should have the olympics. it hasn't been in asia since 1998. then, it was in japan, that's the only asian nation that's help the winter olympics. it will increase the interest in
7:53 am
winter sports, open a huge market for winter sports. it takes 13 minutes to get to the different venues in the areas. it's a plus sign. they are hoping they will actually look at the fact it should be in the same continent two times in a row. they are hoping there will be a rotation and come back to asia. >> you can see hundreds of people are in munich. they can't wait to see what's going to happen. everybody here wants those games to come to munich. the organizers said it's going to be a festival. that means they are going to emphasize fan participation, fan zones like this. plasma screens all over the area. get the fans involved in what's taking place. it's a very beautiful part of
7:54 am
southern germany. the other aspect are the organizers are emphasizing this is going to be a very environmentally friendly bit. the building that is are necessary to stage an event like the winter olympics were built. they were built for 1972 olympics. we are the only city in the world to stage summer and winter games. in paris, they are playing that environmental card where they would like to see the winter olympics come about. what paula is saying they are hoping the fourth time will be the charm. stage three winter olympics in france. because of that, it seems unlikely they will be able to stage a fourth one in the heart of the alps. the pitch is, of course, it's going to be environmental,
7:55 am
sustainable. this is an area known to winter sports fans all over the world. between now and 2018, 70 million people will visit here and be walking advertisements for the olympics. it's the hope. the expectations are not that high. they may be met. keira. >> all right. thanks so much. that announcement is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. you are looking at a live picture in south africa. stay with cnn to find out the winner, just about five minutes away. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein!
7:56 am
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7:58 am
the nation's first primary state weighing in with their picks for the president. is mitt romney still the front-runner, jim? >> if there's any debate over whether or not mitt romney is the front running for 2012, that debate may have ended this morning. in new hampshire, mitt romney is out in front among the voters polled by wmur tv. he's wait out ahead of everybody. michele bachmann inched up. she's at 12%. go through the rest of the field, ron paul, rudy giuliani and rick perry. they have not announced they are
7:59 am
running for president. some of the names on the bottom five here, jon huntsman is at 2%. a large media roll out for his campaign a couple weeks ago. newt gingrich plummeted in the polls, 1%. there's fund raising worries for his campaign. this is not good news for gingrich. one of the other names in the poll, tim pawlenty has been banking his political campaign on doing well in iowa. he's brought on a new adviser with the name huckabee. no, it's not mike huckabee. it's his daughter, sarah huckabee. she was a close confidant to huckabee. the former governor of minnesota looking for huck luck in io

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